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Default Re: Post your final config for retail crysis here!

here is my very high system.cfg file if anyone wants it... the performance is only 4-5fps lower than with high only and almost all of the very high effects are on except shadows and part of the shaders (POM is still there)... running the game under in XP at 1920x1200 8xAF and im getting around 25-30FPS average

(note in the cfg i turned off motion blur, depth of field and edge AA since i hate that stuff... but you can easily enable it if you want to)

rename the file extension to .cfg

Vista DX10 all very high 0xAF: 13FPS
Vista DX10 all very high no blur/dof 0xAF: 17FPS
XP DX9 all high 8xAF: 31FPS
XP DX9 original very high tweak no blur/dof 8xAF: 20FPS
XP DX9 my tweaked very high config no blur/dof 8xAF: 27FPS
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