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Default Re: Is these 2 issues fixed in the fullversion!?

That the shadows get more washed out then when having shadows settings at medium couldn't be something thats suppose to be. It must be something wrong. For when having the shadows on High they are crispier than medium, then why wouldn't Very high be as crispy or crispier than high? They couldn't make the shadows as realistic as real life, where shadows are very sharp and crispy at close distance and the more further away the object witch is casting the shadow is the more washed out and less detailed it gets. Or am i wrong?

About POM and AF issue, Maybe its like this SH64 guys say... maybe with the latest beta drivers the blurriness of the closerange textures when using POM is fixed for those on Vista, but not XP. Hope someone else can confirm this for me. If its not fixed then am sad, for i like both AF and POM, wouldn't want to have to choose between one of them

If so, i really hope Crytek and/or Nvidia fix this ASAP!
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