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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Gonna repost what I already wrote:

Minor Spoilers btw....



(these are really nitpicking)
Just finished the game. Too darn short. I added up the last save times of each level and it came to 9 hrs. I'd be willing to bet that the save times do not take into account reloading and replaying times after dying. Add about another 1.5hrs for about ~10.5hrs of true gameplay time. This was on Hard btw.

The game really totally changes at about the 1/2 way point once you enter the Core. By about 3/4 way through I really started to miss the jungle guerrilla fighting and encampments. We never got back to my pretty tropical jungle.

Hardly any gameplay was done specifically using the beautiful water which was disappointing. I longed for more fond memories like the River level in FarCry being so amazing being on the water nearly the whole time but it never happened.

The later levels were much more linear than the earlier levels.

Story is short but interesting. Obvious there will be Crysis2.


Everything else.
Quality, entertaining, impressive PC production and gameplay throughout.

There are several major memorable and OMG! WOW! Holy Sheet!! moments in this game that I won't spoil.

Crysis has now become my 2nd fav game of all time (Doom will always be #1).

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