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Default Re: SVideo works fine, Component gives no video at all

Seriously, nobody on this board can give me a little advice?

I'm still working on this thing, but I keep coming back to the part of Xorg.0.log I posted above. Why wouldn't any HD modes be listed in Xorg.0.log? Is this a raw interpretation of the television hardware that the nvidia driver has found in my graphics card? Could this information possibly be influenced by what's attached to the wires of the graphics card? Like, does it go to the monitor and detect that the monitor doesn't support any HD modes, so none are listed in Xorg.0.log? Is it possible that bad a Component cable is causing the nvidia driver to not detect any HD capabilities and so is not listing them?

That's where I'm stuck right now. Is that list of tv modes a raw dump of the capabilities the nvidia driver has found on my graphics card, or could that list be influenced by what is detected as hanging off wires attached to the video card?

I've started looking a little into EDID, and I think that's what I'm going to have to try and figure out next. Unless someone can tell me that that listing of television modes is not influenced by the monitor attached to the graphics card... Unfortunately for me, it's fairly important I get this setup working if it's possible to get it working.
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