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Default Re: SOF3 Payback Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89
The patch also fixed the flickering shadows problem. That was a big deal for me so it's a step in the right direction.

Yes you can change the resolution. Yes the action is fun. It's pretty shoot em up. I actually like it better than BlackSite Area 51. Now that the flickering shadows are fixed, if it also had FSAA, I would have no problem with it. BlackSite Area 51 on the other hand is very jerky and it gets tiresome. SOF Payback runs very well.

I'm glad the patch fixes the flickering I was at the point of looking away from the trees,I was afraid to look up 51 runs fine for me I do get the little pauses which are irritating. SOF at first I was disappointed but it grew on me I like it enough to play it through. Action is really fun but it just doesn't feel complete,the no lean kills me though. I just applied the patch,so much nicer without the flickering it was really bad.
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