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Default Re: Is these 2 issues fixed in the fullversion!?

Originally Posted by jeffmd
You got a comparison shot of medium setting shadow?

btw bad use of the term. try "sharper".
Ofcourse, here;

Originally Posted by Destroy
I believe all POM changes are the ground textures and hence the AF.
No it doesn't, POM affects many textures but not all. One example is the long bridge on the Shore MP map, if you force AF then u can see it works 100% on there. But for the rest of the textures... nothing

Originally Posted by wrathofgod
I was wondering what was causing the blur from a short distance. I was messing with the view distance settings in the configs because I thought maybe that was the cause.
No it has nothing to do with draw or view distance unfortunatley... This is something with the POM technic that they need to fix.
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