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Default Re: SVideo works fine, Component gives no video at all

Oh my god. Phil is a genius. That is the first progress I've made in at least several days.

I wasn't sure what you mean by, "make sure the resolution is 720x480", so I just left the Modes line in my Screen section to be "nvidia-auto-select".

I restarted gdm, logged-in, and wallah!! I've got desktops on both my DFP-0 and TV-0 screens. However, the video on the TV screen is black and white.

I suspect what is happening is S-Video format video is being sent out my component cable right now, because I am not forcing the Component format. But, this is a wild guess. I just say that because the image looks similar to when I had both S-Video and Component cables plugged into my graphics card and monitor. At that time, S-Video was all blurry and everything, but mostly looked good. Component was black and white just like it is now.
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