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Default Re: SOF3 Payback Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89
The game is growing on me too. Not having the lean doesn't bother me. In all the games I have that have it, I don't even have the keys binded to anything. I use up all the keys for other things and just have no room for a convenient click on the lean keys. I just pop out and pop back in. It's just what I got used to.
I agree the game is growing on me also. It's a really good game,especially now that the flickering is gone. I got used to just popping in and out. I hope the Multiplayer picks up because you could have some crazy deathmatch games on the bridge map. I'm on the second mission right now,that's why I mentioned the bridges. The dismemberment is insane,it's cool to see arms and legs flying through the air I really like it
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