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Default Re: Pro Street; Anyone get it?...

Originally Posted by v3rninater
Going back to the root of NFS? You mean basically, Gran Tourismo, cause that is really the root of NFS.

what is wrong with that? you preffer discusting looking colorful rice mobiles, that handle like a freaking boat on wheels. Don't even get me started on the commentary. why does EA and now Groove? (people behind Juiced) think that we need some ****ing jackass commenting every few minutes. There is no options to even shut it off.

Handling in Carbon was bad, and now in ProStreet handling is horrible. In one race there is horrible oversteer, in next you get understreer. Oh and in some races a nice combination of both.

Most important aspect of racing game is handling. You either can have Simulation, Arcade or some combination of both. EA invented a new method called "We will piss off everone under the sun"

Racing game with out good handling is useless.
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