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Default Is XvMC supported by my Geforce3 ?

The nvidia driver README.txt tells that XvMC is only supported "... on GeForce4, GeForce FX and newer products" but the Geforce3 specification lists "motion compensation" as a feature as well. In my Xorg.0.log there is the line "(II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation" but the applications I tried (mplayer and MythTv) are complaining about missing xvmc. I wonder if it's a hardware (no xvmc) or a software (wrong/incompatible/old libraries) problem.

I use Fedora 8 (Xfce) with a recent kernel ( The nvidia driver I use are the following precompiled packages from the atrpms repository:

nvidia-graphics-devices.noarch 1.0-5.fc8
nvidia-graphics-helpers.i386 0.0.22-23.fc8
nvidia-graphics96.43.01.i386 1:96.43.01-92.fc8
nvidia-graphics96.43.01-kmdl- 1:96.43.01-92.fc8
nvidia-graphics96.43.01-libs.i386 1:96.43.01-92.fc8

I've created the file /etc/X11/XvMCConfig for the wrapper with the name of the concerned xvmc nvidia librarie but it doesn't change anything ...

Thanks for you support.
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