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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

i am warning for missing . or missplaced . and ,

well i know a swedish game build airplanes with mulle meck, and it was unplayable on a P2 300 and a P4 2.1. And may i i add itīs a childrens game
so a guy who is some kind of professor in computing or so, took it a part and saw the flaw B.A.D programming that was why it wouldnīt run on a computer more powerful than it required.

so sure many games are probably bad coded/programmed now i am no programmer nor a professor in coupitng/computers.

but yes i think if Crytek had concentrated on a flawless code then done modeling and stuff perhaps Far Cry and Crysis would run better. That said i donīt claim to know this for a fact.

But as they said this game was to be playable with elder machines and now it shows it isnīt so at all so question is where did they change so much and is this to impress and sell expensive hardware because the grpahics in Far Cry and Crysis at itīs time are impressive. But is that Cryteks goal to impress in graphincs and make a game so heavy it canīt be run on todays hardware( you know what i mean)

anyway the code/programming in many games is what makes them a FLOP now Crysis isnīt one of those but still it is a bit too heavy and canīt be run on older machine as it was said to be or am i so wrong.
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