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Default Requesting texture compression in my application crashes on latest nvidia driver

I have written an application that loads images and asks them to be compressed with the ARB texture compression extensions, which I save to disk and reuse at a later time. I have verified that texture compression is supported in the driver (at least according to the GL extensions). When I first request texture compression, I get the following error message in the console:

depc_bin: glx_texture_compression.c:58: __indirect_glGetCompressedTexImageARB: Assertion `image_bytes >= ((4 * reply.length) - 3)' failed.

I am attaching a bug report, gzipped.

I just upgraded to Fedora 8 and I'm using the livna packages to install the nvidia accelerated driver. The same program worked just fine on the same machine under Fedora 5 with an older driver. I also tried the 96xx series driver under Fedora 8 with the same crash.
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