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Default Re: BlackSite: Area 51

I'm just played it a bit before and it was ok, but yes too much of this glowing hdr thing, looks kinda cool for a sec, but it makes everything yes like someone said yellow, and kinda sucks although you get used to it eventually LOL.
Enemies are nothing special at lest from the beginning, later on there are starting to appear some mutations, lol mosters attack, like that octopus human thing stalker, at least the fist ones that attack.
The game seems quite interesting not something huge from what i've expected it to be but its a good game.

But there are some issues with the gmae loading new scenes, i patched the game to 1.1 and it still stutters, i have a 8800gts 320mb and play on 1280x1024 reso so my guess is that there isn't a mem cap here. I'm on xp and use the latest driver's 169.09, has anybody else tested with other drivers and not experiencing these stutters. It lags to like a 5fps and back again to normal wdf .
I also saw a antialiasing mode present with patch 1.1 but its grayed out, is it a dx10 bs feature only?
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