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Default Missing a few things it seems

Okay first I love Crysis and have not stopped playing since I got my hands on it. Everything is super terrific, spectacularly fun game. However there are a few things missing that I was very much looking forward to seeing and I'm a little disappointed in Crytek. I would not complain at all had the feature not been advertised. Now I really do love the game and Crytek but I want to sue the pants off those bastards, not just them but every company guilty of this type of false advertising.
First, the shore waves.

We all saw them and we thought we were getting them. No waves no water mist where they crash either. They were in videos and screenshot with no disclaimer saying this stuff may not be in the final version. To me it's like saying, come in for a juicy 1/2lb cheese burger only to get a 1/4lb when it's finally served and the waiter just says, too bad for you, we ran out of meat and time to make it but you still have to pay the same price. These things are not a big deal but I still feel like I've been pulled into a bate and switch.
Second, the breakable walls of buildings.

This is also a very well known SCREENSHOT. I have thrown dudes through every wall I could find. Max strength, two feet away, three, four and I have never ever been able to get this type of breaking in the game. Sometimes the wall doesn't even break. Bending boards shards of wood breaking where they should. The wall just falls in a very large chunk and does not break in to smaller pieces. Hitting walls, hitting broken walls does nothing. Now I love the game and every single part of it but this should really start to be considered false advertising, I think it's getting way out of hand. I'm not saying go after just Crytek there are soooo many publishers and devs guilty of this and they should all be held accountable to what they advertise. If it's as simple as putting a disclaimer on the shots or vids that's fine. As long as people aren't thinking they are getting what’s in the screenshots supposedly taken directly from the game. I knew we probably wouldn't see this type of stuff in the game, I'm not dumb but I still can't help be feel like I've been taken for a fool. What's the name of the commission/group that regulates advertising on TV?
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