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Default Re: Missing a few things it seems

I've activated the waves and it was over a 10fps loss. Just blank bars of black. e_water_waves 1 Maybe they'll be added later or maybe they were just for promotional purposes. What I find most disturbing is the fact that the CRYSISdx10flythru was shown as part of live demonstrations, supposedly running on a C2D and a single 8800GTX. When people can hardly get 30fps that flythrough level must have been so cut down and optimized and cut down again it's not even funny. They knew it wasn't going to be in the final cut. Kind of like with the HL2 demos showing the guy try to break down the blocked door then go to the window, never happened and now who cares. Still Crysis a terrific game and maybe when they figure out how to use four cores better we'll see physics and waves like those that have been left out.
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