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Just a couple of comments, intended only for the sake of a little perspective.

1) I've never found Mandrake/iva or Suse (I've never used Red Hat extensively) particularly bug-free as Linux distros go. If you want care-free you might try Ubuntu or one of the derivates (Kubuntu if you like KDE for instance). They're not perfect, but from what I hear they're very good (again, I've only used Kubuntu briefly, so I'm only repeating what I've heard).

2) While I know that it's irksome, the reality is it was less than three weeks before NVidia supported this card. Now if that left you without a functional video card for that period of time, then I can see where you would be irritated. That's why I never leave myself without a backup card of some sort. But my point is that it wasn't an eternity, despite what it felt like running VESA drivers for that time. It's not ideal, but considering the marketshare Linux has, I would argue that it's pretty good (but feel free to disagree with me on that).

Just my 2 cents.
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