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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Originally Posted by eXcelon
*snip* Oh yeah look how bad Crysis looks, it can't touch Far Cry. Give me a F***** Break!

Crysis (Obviously)
I don't know how you guys get these super looking screen shots. Here is All settings on high on my rig, close as I could get to my original low setting screen shot. My frame rate is not even measurable. I can barely move, guns won't even shoot. I'd estimate it's like 1 frame per 5 seconds. And it really doesn't look very good still. NOTHING like these dreamy screen shots I see posted all the time. I suppose if you stand in just the right spot at just the right time, etc. etc.

Crysis All settings on high (no AA). Still just looks basically like FarCry to me except TOTALLY unplayable.
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