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Default Re: Missing a few things it seems

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT

This is also a very well known SCREENSHOT. I have thrown dudes through every wall I could find. Max strength, two feet away, three, four and I have never ever been able to get this type of breaking in the game. Sometimes the wall doesn't even break. Bending boards shards of wood breaking where they should. The wall just falls in a very large chunk and does not break in to smaller pieces. Hitting walls, hitting broken walls does nothing.
Dear Billy Everyteen;

This is called a 'Bullshot'.

That will be all.

On a serious note, pretty much 99% of everything you/I/we've seen of Crysis prior to release has been nothing but touched up, perfectly positioned and choreographed scenes designed to garner the highest 'wow' factor possible and delude poor gamers into thinking that what they see is really what it's going to be like.

Sadly, like just about every other game this is done to, you just don't get everything you want. It doesn't matter what budget they had while making the game, how long they took to make it or who it was that was making it, there are always things created for the sheer sake of making said game look as incredible as possible, in an effort to get you to buy it.

It's just like GRAW / GRAW2 with those naughty screenshots Ubisoft released showing massive amounts of AA, only to find that no, there was none in the final game and what was shown was really just a massive in-engine render that had been dramatically resized and touched up to give the illusion of sharp and clean edges all around.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you actually expected Crysis to be anything like that screenshot, then the joke's on you... Because it was never going to look THAT good. Obviously the screenshot is in-engine, no doubt about that, but it has been tweaked and created to produce a very precise and 'amazing' result (and I don't mean silly config tweaks :P ). Those wave-sprays / washes and mist however, that is entirely doable and we've seen that in motion, so there's no real excuse for missing out on that when it was clearly not a performance killer to begin with.
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