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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Originally Posted by m3dude
so your saying this *snip* looks the same as *snip*
also crysis on low looks better than far cry. the game assets are still much better looking
I'm saying I think FarCry on high settings at 70+ FPS most definitely looks and plays better than Crysis on low settings at something like 18-24 FPS. Yes. Especially when it's in motion while you play. Screen shots can't really capture how "wrong" it looks.

I fully realize the textures are actually better and all, but with the bells and whistles turned off, as they must be to get a playable frame rate on anything less than the cutting edge top of the line rigs (even that is debatable), those nice textures look like steamy, stank ass. It looks like a screen full of paper confetti or something instead of leaves and grass. It looks like they took the textures and lighting out of Tomb Raider 1 and used them, only a WHOLE lot of them crammed really close together.
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