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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

I fully realize the textures are actually better and all, but with the bells and whistles turned off, as they must be to get a playable frame rate on anything less than the cutting edge top of the line rigs (even that is debatable)
while you do have a point regarding performance, please understand that Crysis is a really new game. Crytek got their hands on drivers and SDK quite late, Crysis's performance is going to improve. slowly, but surely. give nVidia/Crytek some time. also, you're forgetting that FarCry is pretty old and any GF7 card (above 7600 series) can easily give very playable frame rates. honestly, it's just illogical comparing both, they're just too different. if the performance bugs you this much, just buy PS3/X360

those nice textures look like steamy, stank ass. It looks like a screen full of paper confetti or something instead of leaves and grass. It looks like they took the textures and lighting out of Tomb Raider 1 and used them, only a WHOLE lot of them crammed really close together.

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