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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Originally Posted by conroejoe
Smooth at 25 FPS??? What are you smoking?
Exactly. Look at his system specs, then read "25 FPS". Man, if I had those specs and ever saw any game drop below 60 FPS in the next 2 years, I'd have a friggin fit! Anything under 40 FPS in these modern games is unplayable. I mean sure, you could force your way through it and say, "see I played it". By unplayable, I mean not reasonably smooth and stutter free, or not "enjoyable" by any reasonable standard.

The way I see it, some of you guys pay double what these video cards are worth ($550+), not only once but you go SLI and pay it twice, then take the standard "acceptable" PC game frame rate of 60 FPS and cut in half, then drop a few more frames off for good measure, then run around saying "I have no trouble playing *insert game name*! It runs smooth as butter on my rig at 25 FPS!"

Smooth as 60+
People who have "extreme" specs like any 8 series card in SLI and a fairly new dual core should be getting 80+ FPS in whatever game they play. If're friggin nuts if you think you got your money's worth.

It's like if I was dating a grossly fat, smelly woman with green teeth and horrid breath and an afro, who put me $40,000 in debt buying Crystal Meth from the dealer down the street from her Trailer Park, and me saying, "Damn she is fine, and a classy, good woman as well!"
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