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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Smooth at 25 FPS??? What are you smoking?
He's not smoking anything. Crysis plays smoothly at 25fps. it's a game thing, some games are playable at low fps, others are not. Crysis is.

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler
Smooth as 60+
People who have "extreme" specs like any 8 series card in SLI and a fairly new dual core should be getting 80+ FPS in whatever game they play. If're friggin nuts if you think you got your money's worth.
firstly, GF8 series is 1 year old. and that means a LOT in graphics card world. GF8 certainly gives it's money's worth. you name it, TES4, CoH, Fear, CoD4, CoJ etc all of them are playable at their maximum settings (assuming you use 1920x1200 res).

you need to understand/realize that Crysis WASN'T Developed to be played SMOOTHLY on current-gen hardware. put simply, the game offers photo-realistic graphics. you expect CGI-Movie graphics at 60fps?Crysis has been already toned DOWN to make it playable (highest shader option was removed). Crysis has by far the best graphics ever seen in any game. those Ultra-high res textures aren't small by any means, they take up a lot of space. not to mention the physics and the AI; and the fact that Crysis renders a whole island in real-time.

All that load goes on GPU and CPU. truthfully speaking, you won't get great performance on current-gen cards. that said, Crysis's performance is less-than-stellar because the game isn't properly utilizing all available technologies (SLI, Quad Core) I already mentioned that Crytek mentioned that they got all the DX10 drivers/SDK late. hence, they didn't have enough time to optimize it since they have a deadline to follow. now with the game finally released, they can work on patches to optimize and improve the performance. while it won't jump from 25 to 70. it will undoubtedly get better with each driver revision. this is PC gaming, things get better, but it always takes time. Crysis is no exception.

you can never hit two birds with one stone (normally, anyway) and this matter is no different. if you want crysis to play 40fps+ all the time at high/VH settings, you need to wait for next-gen cards. IMO, 25fps works fine for SP.

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