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Default No success in getting 1080i work fine....


I'm new here, and try to get 1920x1080i work on my Ubuntu 7.10 Linux, since 2 days.
I tried a thousend modelines, different drivers, read about 300 pages of user
who haves the same problems... I'm getting crazy :-( ...

I don't care about 3D accell. or such things, cause I'm using Linux just to develop
software, but this is impossible in this nasty 1280x720 resolution mode which
i get at the top end O_O

I'm tired of getting this work, therefore I wanted to ask if there any driver version
or tweak to get 1080i work fine ? I don't care about nvidia driver or "software driver" all I want is 1080i ...

my setup:

Ubuntu 7.10
Geforce8800 GTX
Toshiba 42 WL67Z LCD TV

under win vista, all runs fine, 1080i @30 Hz...

thanks in advance
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