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Default Best receiver/speakers?

What do you think the best, reasonably priced receiver would be? I'm not sure what brand to look for anymore. About 10 years ago my dad bought around $5k in the best equipment we could get. Onkyo receiver, 2.1 channel with prologic . It had the composite in/out and an svideo. We also bought some speakers for the front 2 that sounded great (still do, actually) and Infinity reference/center speakers. What would you suggest for these? I've been reading reviews of things around the net but I'm still not sure what I should be looking for. I know all about frequency/ohm and I know that the specs themselves do not make it good. I would like to get a great sounding 5.1 channel setup at minimal cost.

The receiver needs to have a few component connections, composite, svideo and HDMI. Are there any with DVI output? I haven't been able to find a good one with it on there.


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