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Default Re: Crysis & PC Shutdown Problem

Originally Posted by wrathofgod
Well, I reinstalled the game and played back up to that point and it went past it. Only about 5 minutes past then it started doing it again. This time it's not happening at the same point in the game all the time but it is in the same level of the game as before only in different points in the level.

I'm thinking it's as SH64 suggested...a power problem.

Time for a new PSU I guess.

Any recommendations for a PSU setup for near future 8800 GTX SLI?

Thanks in advance.
Yeah & Gitdat's response reinforce the theory.

for a PSU recommendation you might take a look at the hardware forum.
i'm using a 750W Thermaltake & its doing fine for my 8800U overclcoked , but for SLI i suggest nothing less than a 850W.
a good brands might be OCZ , Tt & Silverstone.

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