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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Originally Posted by Blacklash
If "Crysis" had all it's settings stuck to very high, and it only ran @ like 1600x or greater, I could see folks bitching. As is you can scale it to your hardware. So if you are too stubborn or too stupid to play something other than all very high, that's on you.

I know plenty of folks with something other than 8800GTXs running this game fine at all medium.

I do 1680x, texture, object, water very high, and the rest to high with zero issues under Vista x64 on the DX 10 path.

Thats the beuty of Pc gaming, being able to scale.

If you dont have the hardware then the only thing to do is scale back as you said insteed of bitching around. even a 5 year old should know that bye now hehe.

And if the devs listening to dumbasses like like they then we would all be playing pong forever can some be so stupid, I say stop the crying and settle for a less demanding setting or save up some cash.

Be happy for advancment insteed, these guys what a piece of Tools they are!
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