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Default 7600 GT problems with dual link 2560x1600 again

Guys, it is relieving to find out that I'm not alone with this problem.
It is the second month already that I'm on the quest for this illusive 2560x1600 resolution.

I have EVGA's GeForce 7600 GT 512M AGP8 connected to HP LP3065 monitor with Dual-DVI cable.

I cannot switch the card to the 2560x1600 resolution, which it claims to support. The card just does not list this resolution in the list of valid modes.

However, when I tried to add 2560x1600 as a custom resolution (I say tried because I canceled this operation and did not add the custom resolution) then 2560x1600 appeared on the resolution list and the “Change Flat Panel scaling” pane changed to show 2560x1600 as a native resolution and also showing “change to the native resolution” button.

If I try however to press the button or change to this resolution in any other way then I get the card in 2560x1600 mode but the monitor is in 1280x800 mode and showing only part of the picture.

I tried three different Dual-DVI cables.
I tried all three DVI inputs on LP3065.
I thought the card was damaged, so I got a replacement card.
I also tried this setup with 30" Samsung 305T monitor.
However the results are more or less the same.

I am using very latest ForceWare 163.75.
I tried the 169.09 beta and again no luck.

So it may be a hardware problem, but I am out of ideas where it can be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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