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Default Ran Demo at 100% VERY HIGH... now high/vhigh combo? wtf

something fishy going on here...

im not sure what the problem is... i mean, i know my rig can run all sets on very high... I JUST KNOW IT.. i did it with the demo... WINDOWED, at the incorrect resolution making it harder to process lagless....

but when i put all settings to VERY HIGH for some reason the cutscenes have a framerate of like 15 (im exageratng but have no real number) and the game is at what appears to be a LIMITED FRAMERATE.. (VERY LOW)

Is drivers my problem?

I wish I could figure out which setting it is... but the more i mess with the settings the greater i increase the chance of a crash.. which seem to be often enough already.

I run with NO AA, I have a CRT monitor anyhow, at 1260x1024, but i put "postprocess" or whatever that setting was on Very High any how... the only things i didnt put on very high were shadows and another setting or two that seemed unnecessary... the less important stuff... and magically no more lag???

again...something fishy going on here
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