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Default Re: Post your final config for retail crysis here!

it works with the zero before the decimal or not.

Gaco, I think that ken's settings suck out so much color that the engine isn't having to render as much as quickly. He's trying to compensate for this by just overdoing the shadowing which kills the colors and detail in the shadows and as anyone who tried his original settings could see, there were wierd graphics anomolies that accompanied his settings like the wierd glow around the player's gun/hands and grass looked fluffy and blurry.

keeping the ssao_amount under a value of 1 yeilds better shadows but doesn't have the wierd glow effect.

I think the game uses e_gsm_lod_num = 4 by default. Ken's original config had this as the same value.

To be honest, I only saw a couple extra FPS between my original very high settings and what I've got now.

The main 2 FPS boosters I've found is keeping shadows down to 1024 (I was using 2048 earlier) and turning off POM. Try it. You would think POM is something you can't live without now that we've seen it but the game still does do a certain degree of POM so you're not TOTALLY out and just that extra 3~5 fps you gain makes a noticable difference.

I mean... dig these frame rates... especially in this first pic. It may be time for some AA

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