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Default Re: Crysis SLI Performance Feedback

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
I can't believe you guys are still bothering with the crapppy game called Crysis. I have so much fine playing Timshift and COD4. Crytek team should go back to school and learn how to do a proper coding...

What a joke...
Story line aside..Crysis engine is in another league. The game has soo much going on and brings soo much to gamers than anything out there..

You don't have to like the story of the game to just go and is some engine.

I hope more developers go this way, because then gpu/cpu designers can set goals to push forward to rather than..:sigh:..3dmark scores...

On topic as for gave the new drivers a shot, strangely enuf the fps does hang arround the 30-35 that is nice..because before even at 25~ it actually felt smooth..but with these feels sluggish..its like it says '35' but feels like 15....This is for the DEMO so i cant comment if its just DEMO or retail.
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