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Default crysis rules until the later levels then bugs galore.

dx10 has issues for me with 64 bit and entering a new level would make the new level stutter hard. would have to reload the game. ended up playing more in dx9 to not deal with it.

escort prophet sucked big time, i did not see any fire in the level so i had no idea what to do. i had to go back to an earlier save to get through it.

lots of stutter in dialogs with the admiral.

fire bug again on the carrier.

had several plot frozen moments, most annnoying was after the boss, the vtol wouldn't goto the edge of the carrier. i also would fall through the carrier.

the bugs seem to happen from f5 saves mostly.

game was very enjoyable while it was focused on KPA. Soon as the aliens got involved and all the bugs came it got more annoying to where i was just wanting it to end. I thought the alien ship was pretty cool, had a great Alien, Aliens feel to it.

i am glad i didn't run out and buy another 8800gtx for it though, game is way too short to spend another $500 on for sli.

I will be buying the sequels though as i am intrigued by the story a bit though i wanted to punch the people who keep telling ya move it hurry etc..
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