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Default Re: Best receiver/speakers?

Originally Posted by CaNiBuS
Budget is flexible, just wondering what the best stuff for a reasonable price would be. I want something good but doesn't have to be top of the line.
Echoing what evilchris said:

Originally Posted by evilchris
Denon and Onkyo are good brands in the sub $2,000 pricerange. Stay far away from Sony, utter crap.
100% true. Also stay away from bose. Both sony and bose are notorious for being overpriced, big time under-performers. As far as picking a specific receiver, mainly look for one that has all of the features that you want, and consider features for future use as well (e.g. hdmi 1.3 support.)

If your budget is high, a good starting point IMO would be an Onkyo TX-SR805.

As for your speakers, that will depend on not only your budget, but also the size of your room. And like has been mentioned, speakers will have a bigger impact on your overall sound quality than anything else. Here is a good starting point:

Note that the above $1k systems they mention also include the cost of buying a TV. If you've already got a TV, then you are going to pay less than what they list. Also note that the receivers they list are a bit outdated already, but the speakers are not.
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