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Default Re: xorg.conf needed option to maximize compiz performance.

Originally Posted by Mr.A
I have ubuntu 7.10 and this is my Device Section

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8600 GT]"
	Driver		"nvidia"
	Busid		"PCI:1:0:0"
	Option		"AddARGBVisuals"	"True"
	Option		"AddARGBGLXVisuals"	"True"
I don't have this settings in my xorg.conf

Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "1"

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"

Maybe you should ask in a Fedora Forum for help.
It seems for me that this is a distribution specific problem.

What also would be interesting is, with what options fedora starts compiz.

I hope this helps.


In that way is also slower
I can't understand where is the problem
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