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The demo works perfect ,but when I go to load Cysis,it takes about 20 to 25 minuites to install .When it has installed I have no shortcuts to begain the game ,It is not even in my start menu.I go and find it in my C folder under programs file and the Eletronic arts and I have to make a short cut from there to my desk top.When I click on it it starts in window mode and when it fineally finishes loading and I go to change it to full 3D mode ,it will change and I get a blue screen.The next time it loaded all the way ,but my mouse would not go all the way to the left side so I could'nt change my settings,it would go everwhere else on the sceen except all the way to the left side ,so I could'nt click on the menu'sI could do it with the key board ,but the mouse would just stop like it was at the edge of the sceen,but it still lack over two inches from getting alway the accross.Even when I use the keyboard to get to my settings,when I tried to use my mouse to change some of the setting to very high and some to medium ,it would not work ,I woulld have to use the keyboard to get them to stay.If I kept on clicking on a setting with the mouse it would freeze and fineally turn into a blue screen.I have no problems with the Demo of Crysis ,I get my shortcuts and it shows up in my start menu.Very dissapointing I really wanted to play this game.I would have thought the full version would be better.I turned off all my programs that were running in the background before I installed it but it still did the same thing.I have uninstalled it and reloaded three different times.This is with Vista 32bit OS any help would be appreciated
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