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Spoiler details below....


Best part is EASILY the night graveyard scene with the Korean nano suit guys. That was so amazing!!! Last time I felt so moved was the Unreal corridor scene where the lights sequentially went out; Crysis was much better .

Dark moon light night time with me slowly walking into the grave yard area and notice my foot steps sound a bit louder than normal, I stop in my tracks to listen and look. Sure enough, I hear faint rustling of foot steps. I keep still and look around carefully. Mid way in the graveyard I see a shadow flicker across a grave stone. Staring at that area I see the shadow appear again but closer. The moon lit shadow is earily and slowly coming towards my way yet I see no one.

In a half panic, I look around for where the shadow source can be coming from. I still see nothing. WTF?! I immediately cloak and move over 15 feet to get a different angled look. I zoom in with my scope and way further back past the initial shadow I see a dark slick figure jumping then standing on top of a tall grave stone. By now I'm totally freakin' out. I zoomed in further.

I'm like am I seeing things? It looks like a guy in a nano suit and he don't seem friendly!! HOLY SHEET!!! I run for my life looking for a good cover spot screaming in my head like a little girl while all hell breaks loose as they attack.

I ended up dying several times cause they were so badass fully using the suit powers. I finally outsmarted them a bit and barely survived in a white knuckled panic state.

Fantastic stuff.

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