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Default Crashing while idle

The current overclock I have has been tested and used before. It's 17 hours ORTHOS stable. So I OC'd again, now that it's not that hot in my room but whenever I'm not using my PC, it freezes. If I'm on a web browser and I don't move the mouse or type anything for a period of 2-5 minutes, my computer freezes with no BSOD. It just...stops. It never did this to me before. I ORTHO tested it again, I adjusted voltages in the BIOS and I checked it on Everest, everything seems normal. I just don't know why it's freezing when it's barely idle. It doesn't freeze when I'm typing, moving the mouse, or running games/apps. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Could it be that I "burned" it in too much?

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