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Default Re: Graphical errors with 169.04 with KDE and x86_64

at least i did not notice them with the old driver.

As for ut2004: I have to double check that
with the old driver.

As for qt: this might be compiz related,
as the easiest way of reproducing it is by using
workspaces of compiz
(to describe the bug: in some qt programs,
amarok and mldonkey as examples,
the font is getting mangled in the statusbar
at the bottom when the window was on
a different viewport and then is displayed.
The fonts look normal after either the text
gets updated or the window is fully updated
(shaded then unshaded / minimized then unminimized)
it is hard to check for that.

However, I did not notice those until I installed
the beta driver, but I will doublecheck today
or tomorrow by installing the old, stable driver.

As brightnes control only works with beta
I'd like to stick with it.
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