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Default Re: Graphical errors with 169.04 with KDE and x86_64

1) All the problems do not occur with older drivers
2) The Wrapper option is a workaround to the mangled fonts,

3) Some things in ut2004 are still weird.
There is still an issue with explosions made by
rocket launchers or the flak cannon, and some
preview images in the map selection are broken.
This is fine with older drivers

4) X crashed twice today, both times when I
started kaffeine. One time with sdl driver,
one time with xv. Sadly there was nothing
in the Xorg.log that would have explained this.

I disabled compiz: no difference.
I changed my nvidia options
(FastWrite and AGPSBA disabled),
no difference.

As for my config: I attached the nvidia bug log
in the post above.

I do know that it is still a beta driver,
and I hope that you are able to fix things.

Thanks in advance,

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