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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Originally Posted by Gaco
10, I'm not afraid to hand out the big numbers to the kind of games that I wait for for years and finally delivers. Much can be said about Crysis but bottomline is (and I've just finished the game) that I haven't been this immersed, captivated, entertained and impressed for a long time, and compared to just about anything else on the market, Crysis is in leage of it's own. It makes most other FPS seems like amateur work. Half-Life was a 10, Deus Ex was a 10, Half-Life 2 was a 10 and Crysis is definently a 10 also. It's that special score that you award games that aren't necessarily perfect (this is an important point), but just delivers an experience way out of the ordinary

I'm a bit curious what kind of FPS deserved 10 in the eyes of those giving it 8. Very curious indeed...
A Witcher FPS would get a 10...
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