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Default Re: crysis rules until the later levels then bugs galore.

Bugs GALORE! on that carrier. Man, coming off the ammo elevator I kept falling through the floor to the water. I had to sneak around and jump on the yellow rails to the left and super jump on to the crates to get around it. Then, I kept falling through that fire hole in the carrier, would fall right through the boat. The first time I fell through it and landed in an area I wasn't suppose to so there I was searching everywhere for a way to go, had to reload a previous save. Couple of other minor gliches on that thing...

I guess the Crytek engine is really only made for island maps, cause that carrier was so buggy it sucked to play. My frames weren't that bad, of course it did drop to undesirable frames but what really killed me was when you first encountered that large tentacle thing in the jungle than trying to hold it off at the end there where the general dies.... Chasing it down the vally I was getting below 8 fps from my original 25. I had to revert from 1920x1200 resolution to 1280x760 just to freaking play the damn mission.

Way too short though, but all in all, it was my type of game...

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