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Default 169.04 HDTV problems. Report attached

I have my HTPC connected to my Toshiba 57HX83 via component from an Asus M2NP-VM motherboard (I tried via the DVI but the TV was never seen by the computer no matter what I tried).

This is with Debian Lenny 64 bit and kernel

When using driver 100.14.19 I get 1080i without too many issues (there is a bit of flicker on horizontal lines and huge overscan). Still, I'm happy it works.

Using the exact same xorg.conf and installing the beta 169.04 drivers I get nothing. Black screen. Reinstalling 100.14.19 fixes the problems.

Attached are bug reports from both drivers so they can be compared.

Is there any way to clear up the flickering while using the 100.14.19 drivers? Perhaps a refresh rate?

Also, while using XvMC and 100.14.19 playback is "jumpy" and not very smooth (CPU usage is next to nothing while using it however). It's smooth as silk if I'm using standard decoding in Mythtv.

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File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report-169.04.log.gz (27.0 KB, 113 views)
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