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Default Played through the game twice... my thoughts

Different than a review, I've had time to reflect on the game as a whole and rather than stick this post in a thread already established for rating the game, I felt I would start one (feel free to post your opinions) about my overall thoughts about the game's story rather than graphics. YES THERE ARE SPOILERS so if you haven't finished the game, this thread isn't for you yet.

I think if they would have let you go back to the island for a bit longer, I'd have been a lot happier but honestly, now that the aliens are out running loose, we're not going to get the same experience we had during the first 5 or so hours of strictly korean fighting that we've been experiencing with crysis.

The entire plane of combat took a HUGE shift once you entered the "Arien Temper" <- alien temple

unless somehow, the scientist chick (who I have zero emotional attachment to btw where as the player fell in love with alyx the moment she saved you from the combine soldiers) manages to discover how to suppress the aliens back into the mountain...

I don't know. I can see Crytek wanting to have her more involved in the 2nd/3rd installment but they're going to have to REALLY bust their chops to give her some sort of personality.. because at this point, she's just an emotionless character that I really could have cared less about in that final scene... same with Jester or whatever his name is. The game conditions you from the first minute of game play to care only about YOUR survival. Seeing your team mates and other NPC's getting wiped out with no real say so or influence in the matter sort of solidifies that notion that only your own survival matters. there are no direct consequences between you not giving a damn about team mates and the overall mission success.

If there were missions where you could have the option to let someone live or die and still finish the mission, that would have been nice or maybe make an NPC's actions directly responsible for the completion of the mission. I mean, the harbor mission where jester (I think that's the guy's name) snipes enemies for you, I cloaked and watched the koreans unload hundreds of bullets into him and he didn't die. I could have just sat there prone cloaked and hidden and him eventually just taken out all the enemies... No urge to help him at all if he can't die! It's like that scene in episode 2 where you have to protect the vortiguant and alyx from the antlions with those 2 other guys. If you just sit there, Alyx dies and you fail the mission.. you HAVE to do your part. Not so in this scene in Crysis. I just sat there while an invincible teammate exterminated a small korean army. Having the mission fail if he dies would have made SO much more sense... they could have made it so HE was the one who had to paint the gunship for the air strike. It just seems so obvious now that I've played the scene a couple of times.

I mean, I can't not compare it to HL2 because Valve has just done such a perfect job the way you are attached to NPC's like Alyx and it seems like Crytek never gave the NPC's in Crysis a chance. They need to give the voice actors better scripts to get them emotionally involved in the game!

***Possible orange box spoilier**

The chick in Crysis (who is so unimportant apparently that I can't even remember her stinking name) showed no emotion when you informed her of her dad's death but when Eli died at the end of EP2, it was absolutely gut wrenching to watch and listen to Alyx's reaction.. it was by FAR one of the most emotional moments in gaming history and one that will not be forgotten.


So anyways, I think crytek needs to find someone who can really write good dialogue and story telling because crytek obviously hit the ball out of the park with the graphics and showing us what open ended combat can really be like but the story was a flop in comparison. I never got sucked into the story. Yeah the great graphics were immersive and I felt like I was part of the world but not part of the story. it was told like a decent but somewhat clichéd action B-movie.

I don't know... I was just a little let down by the story. I know we really weren't expecting much of a story. be honest with yourself... everyone wanted a mind blowing feast of graphics and we all got it. Everyone wanted incredible action combat and again, we all got it. Very few people I suspect ( I know I certainly wasn't) were saying "gee I hope there's a highly immersive story and plot"... I think most people were just hoping that they got the best looking shooting game to date regardless of story and that's exactly what it was.

The whole concept of the story of the game is good and solid but the writers never put you IN the story... you were just sort of a passer by mindlessly taking orders from team leaders or squad commanders barking orders at you and destroying everything in sight.

I'm sure my opinions won't perfectly align with everyone else's but please feel free to post your thoughts and opinions on the topic and on my ideas and thoughts if you feel so inclined.

when the next installment comes out, I'll buy it for sure and hope for at least the same, if not better graphics and the same great gameplay and hope that the writers did a better job with the story...maybe toss us into the main land if the aliens continue their march to the continent for world domination... maybe take us to a couple of different locations to take out enemy camps or something and have to fight both against and with local gurella forces or nation's armies. I can only speculate but they've opened the can of worms that they can take SO many directions. The inside of the ship looked so good at the end, I really want some indoor fighting. Sort of how we went indoors in farcry. (that and the awesome framerates inside! haha)
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