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Default Re: Pro Street; Anyone get it?...

The new gamestore opened up in my town here, and someone made a mistake. They put 2 or 3 copies of Pro Street out before release date (it's due out 22nd, i picked it up on the 19th, Today). I got it for the hell of it, demo sucked but i thought what the hell. I can't stop playing it. It's fun... It's pretty... Yes, the steering isn't the best thing in the world, but i'm having the most fun i've had since playing Hot Pursuit 2.

Drag racing is sweet as, you actually have full control of the car AND you have to do burnouts before the race to warm up your tires. Drift is alot more realistic, and in some cases a ton easier. Grip (Time Attack, Checkpoint, Group racing and Standard racing) is fun. Now the steering isn't all the best, but that can be countered by taking your car to the windtunnel and tuning it for less resistance and more downforce. After that, kit it out with more handling gear (steering, suspension, brakes) and the cars certainly handle a ton better. Overall i'd give the game about an 8.5, but it's far far better than the demo.
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