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Default Re: reach super ultra very high by using sandbox2!

Originally Posted by Sowk
How can we play this in the game???

Or is it only playable in the editor?

Why can't someone save it in a file that is usable?
Its not possible atm. The settings wont stuck for some reason. The map however is playable with the game, but then u aint gonna get the nice lighting.

Originally Posted by agentkay
Go to the "....\Crysis\Game\Levels\" folder and rename the "island" folder to "island_crytek", and then copy the folder (island) from the rar-file into the "Levels" folder. Start the game, select "New Game" and the custom level loads. Don't worry about losing savegames, ain't gonna happen.
Yes but then he wont get the light or the time of day right. It wont stuck even if you save it so in the editor.

Like this i like it alot better tho... All Veryhigh;

Makes it alot prettier. But you need to change the time of day to 8.30 in the morning and then the EyeAdaption clamp to 2
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