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Default Re: What Score Do You Give Crysis?

Originally Posted by six_storm
7 because the performance was pretty terrible and the game is extremely easy, even on Delta.
Easy? I'm finding it very challenging (on Hard). Make one mistake and every North Korean in the area is hunting you down like a dog. And there aim is pretty damn good. But seeing that many people beat games like COD4 on Veteran in hours, I can't say that I'm really good.

Originally Posted by LORD-eX-Bu
6.5 but the lowest your poll will go is 7.
When I go to IGN to see the average user reviews, it's often messed up by people who give 0's or 1's to good games. For Crysis anything below a 7 is unreasonable Same with Half-Life ep2, COD4, Bioshock, etc.
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