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I've got a problem using an NVIDIA Geforce 9750GT on a Linux box.
When I hook up a monitor directly, a resolution of 1920x1200 is used automatically, which is fine. I need then to hook up a DVI extender, which is capable of using the same resolution. The image is fine after the extender on the remote location.
However, when I need to restart the computer (or just the X server), the resolution is forced to 1024x768 and won't go higher. The monitor it detects is a Cat5 DVI extender, which is correct, but the resolution won't go up.
My workaround is quite difficult: going with the large LCD monitor to the computer, hook it up directly, reboot, hook up the extender and go back with the monitor to the remote location.
Is there a way to disable the auto-detection of monitors? It should just stay at 1920x1200.

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