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Default TV-out sample aspect ratio


I'm using nvidia-glx driver version 100.14.19 with TV output (NTSC). My hardware is a geforce 6150 on an ASUS P1-AH2 barebones system. My goal is to build a small media player box. I have it mostly working but the aspect ratio is wrong when playing movies. The reason seems to be that the server's DPI setting is incorrect: I get a default of 75 DPI both horizontally and vertically, while NTSC pixels are actually 10% higher than their width, i.e. a DPI setting of (55, 50), for example, would be more appropriate.

I tried using the DisplaySize option in the monitor section, but the driver just ignores it (and issues a message saying it's doing so).

Is there a way to configure a non-square pixel aspect ratio when using the nvidia driver with TV output ?

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