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Originally posted by Solomon
Well put, I hope to god you guys don't turn into a The forums are ridiculously pro "ATi Company". At least here Beta Drivers are welcomed!

Solomon, the reason some of us there try and respect ATi when they ask us a favor is because they do us the curteousy of keeping us informed/helping out on the boards/and improving their company so bloody much in the past year.

Rage3D has NOT sold out to ATi anymore than nVnews has sold out to nVidia, they're just showing a bit of professional curteousy to one of ATi's requests. No one is "making" them do anything.

CatalystMaker has and has EARNED a lot of respect in the ATi community, if'n he asks some people to take down an early beta since it ain't indicative of the official release that is coming out Monday than I ain't got no problem with that.

I'm a bloody beta-fan-from-hell, but I'm respecting ATi's wishes on this one. They've been good to the community, (and me in particular!), and I ain't got no problem cutting them some slack on this one.
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