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I just got out of "The Cave", and wow, the game-play rapidly changes, phew. I was white-knuckled all the way through "The Cave", crazy stuff and such attention to detail I love it. I love how the cruiser was laying at the bottom of the docks and I could swim down and look around.

I found the graveyard to be pretty easy and was rather disappointed. Some well-placed shots to the head in quick order downed them quickly. I've found their nano-suits work just like yours, the armor degrades and regens. So be sure when you engage not to slow-up on your attacks. I also noticed that if you can keep them in stealth (not on mini-gun guys of course) shoot them in the head before they can switch to armor and you can get a 1-shot kill. Also get close and they will switch to strength and not armor and you can shoot them up much easier (mini-guns guys of course don't apply again).

I found it takes generally 3-shots of gauss to the head to kill armored dudes, 1-shot to the head w/gauss for stealthers.

So far I've enjoyed the freedom of the game and the versatility of changing how the game plays based on how you approach a patrol and how you use the suit. So far my favorite is single-fire silenced head-shots from cloak.

"Cloak Engaged"
"Aim, fire, head-shot, death."
Regen power a bit.
"Cloak Engaged"

Rinse & repeat. The AI is pretty stupid in most places when I do this; sometimes they don't even notice their own guy is dead. There's nothing better then sitting in the dense forest and popping rounds off at an unsuspecting patrol who has no idea what to do, hearing them scream in anger as I kill their friends, then leaving one all alone, and walking up slow, grasping him by his throat and lobbing him against a tree. I feel like a mix of Rambo & the Predator...

BTW I've found about 4 tortoises so far.
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