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Default How does Crysis run for you?

For me it seemed to be very smooth during my first few times through the demo and the game ran a bit worse (with some frame skipping) but it was not too bad. Now however Crysis runs pretty terribly... Whenever I seem to turn around it's almost as if it tries to load it on the go resulting in an FPS drop to about 0-5 for a split of a seconds, even though FRAPS may display 30, whenever I look around it stutters and just seems to pause for splits of a second... tried re-installing the game and the GPU drivers, tried defragmenting too... nothing really worked.

As for the MP - the motion blur is completely gone and it stutters too... btw when I played the MP for the first time ever it was amazingly smooth with motion blur and always above 60FPS...

I have not changed anything since it ran well...
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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